Hello hello!

I hope everybody is well and looking forward to the half term.

I’ve got a stilling time challenge to get you all thinking today! I would like you to think about positive messages that you’d like to pass on to other people in our school community. It could be your friends, teachers or anyone within our school family.

We have thought lots about being positive and staying positive and we’ve thought about what we can do to keep others positive.  So this time I thought we could send positive messages by mirror writing! It makes it fun and more exciting! Are you any good at writing backwards?

This is an example of one that I did.

The video will explain what to do, it may be handy to have an alphabet in front of you so you can then see how the letters should be formed backwards. Don’t forget that you have to start your message from the right hand side too!

Give it a go and have fun with it!

Send me your positive messages and I will put them on a post for everyone to read.


Have fun everyone and keep smiling!

Love Mrs O’Donnell