Hello Ellel!

Stilling time today is a reflection of your emotions and feelings. How are you feeling today?

Through today I would like you to be mindful about how you are feeling. Emotions and moods can change very quickly and sometimes we are not always aware of how we’re feeling.

I would like to to create either some of your own emoji’s to show how you’re feeling or create a piece of word art to describe your emotions and feelings.

It would be perfect if we could always feel happy, happy, happy! But I know for me, this isn’t the case and that’s ok. If you feel more negative, angry, cross, sad or unsure then think about what you can do to get back to feeling happier and more positive? Maybe go outside for a few minutes, speak to someone, family or a friend, write things down, listen to some music or ask for a hug.

I hope you enjoy today’s activity, trying to express your emotions can be tricky but have a go!

Take care for now!

Love Mrs O’Donnell