Hello everyone!

I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the penultimate week of the summer term!  You have all done a fantastic job this year and will have learnt so many new skills during home learning that you won’t have realised!  There will be lots of ICT skills, navigating your way through websites for learning, creating documents, copy and pasting.  I’m sure the skill of patience has been practiced plenty which is a very useful life skill.  The skill of independence and also helping others may have also been used.

Home learning will have brought us good days and also bad days.  We need some bad days to make us appreciate and be thankful for the good!  But in between all these days I hope you have been able to find happiness and time to relax for yourself.

Today for stilling time I would like you to sing!  I am really missing our whole school singing that we share together on Thursday mornings, it makes me feel good and I would love to see you all smiling and enjoying yourselves as we would try and figure out all the actions!

I have chosen an Ising pop song ‘When I get that feeling.’  I put this on last week for my KW group in the hall after breaktime but we ended up singing four songs because we were having so much fun!  I hope it makes you smile!  I’d encourage you to do the actions too…it makes it extra fun and they’re on the video I’ve attached!

Enjoy and keep smiling!

Love Mrs O’Donnell