Hello Everybody,

I’m on the count down until we’re all together again back at school.

Today for stilling time I’d like you to get outside at some point during the day, maybe just before lunch or just after?  Maybe when all of your lessons are complete and you can start to unwind a little bit?  When you’re outside, I’d like you to find somewhere quiet or peaceful.  It could be while you’re out walking with your family or sat on your front doorstep.  Take a little while to find a nice quiet spot, get comfortable, sit or even lie down if you’re happy to.

When you feel comfy, close your eyesRelax all your muscles, wriggle your fingers to make sure your fists aren’t clenched tight.  Now you’re ready to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.  As you feel that sun shine down on you, inhale and take in a nice deep breathHold this for a few seconds and slowly release as you breathe out exhaling that breath for the count of 5.  Repeat this 5 times.  Inhale slowly, relax and exhale slowly.

Try and ignore any distractions around you.  For these few, short minutes try and clear your mind of anything else.

When you have taken your breaths, it is important that you get up slowly, especially if you have been lying down.  Slowly open your eyes.  Shake your limbs a little, wriggle your fingers and rotate your shoulders.  Smile.

If it helps you, you could listen to a favourite, relaxing piece of music while you do this.

Now you’re ready for whatever comes next!

Please try this, it’s a great exercise to reset and refocus  and good for your mindset.  It’s an important skill that we can utilise at any point in our lives.

Enjoy your day everybody, I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Love Mrs O’Donnell