Hello everyone!

Today, my stilling time is posted from somewhere I’ve been dreading! I have never normally been worried about this place and have always been very good at getting my teeth checked regularly…which is very important!

However, being told I needed my first ever filling has filled me with worry, fear and nervousness! I am scared! I’m sure I have nothing to be scared about as the dentist is a very nice person and it’s their job to look after our teeth!

Have you ever been scared and had to face your fears of anything? I thought for stilling time today that we could try recognising these emotions. Have there been times when you have felt or feel worried, fearful, anxious or scared? What do you or did you do to help you feel better? You’ll hear me mention my breathing in the video (if you can hear me with my mask!) but while I made the video I was having to think about and take my deep breaths. It did help. I also thought about the end goal, that my tooth would feel much better afterwards.

I’d love for you to share any fears that you have faced with me. Think about anything you’ve overcome. What have you been strong about and faced? You could talk to someone else about it or write it down. You could create your best emoji to show how you felt and add a speech bubble to explain what happened. If you don’t want to make or draw anything then you could pop a post onto the blog so I can read it and reply to you.

I look forward to hearing about the times you’ve faced fear, like me at the dentist!

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Love Mrs O’Donnell