It’s a bright and sunny day today so lets be POSITIVE and stay STRONG!  Let’s fill our minds with POWERFUL words all about ourselves.

Sometimes we forget to praise ourselves and to think about all the AMAZING things that make us who we are.  It’s easier to say these words to other people, our friends, our family but what about you?

Today for stilling time I’d like you to create a simple poster to empower yourself.  The poster at the top of this page tells you lots of things to be but I’d like you to turn this into something about you.  Rather than saying ‘be kind’ turn this into ‘you are kind.’

Start the top of your poster with the words ‘YOU ARE…’ and underneath write a list of empowering words to describe you.  When you look at the poster and read these words it will remind yourself of all the wonderful, amazing things you are.

An example could be:







Use colours to reflect the words or change the style or size of the letters to suit the word.  Be creative with it so it’ll attract your attention when you need it to.  Remember that empowering words make you feel GOOD and POSITIVE!

Have fun with this and remember you are all AMAZING!

Keep smiling,

Mrs O’Donnell