Hello everybody!

Welcome to today’s stilling time.

I’d like you to take some time to get creative today either drawing, painting or perhaps collaging!

When you think about signs of spring, what do  you think of? I always think about daffodils, lambs and sunshine! Today I have seen all these things on my way to school and feel so happy for it! Spring is the start of new life, new animals are born, flowers start to grow and buds start to blossom. It’s a feeling of hope for everyone.

I would like everybody to have a go at drawing or colouring a daffodil to go in your window at home. I would like for these to represent the hope that we will all be back at school together again very soon and the hope for a fresh start for us all.

If you have any daffodils in your garden then go outside and spend some time looking carefully at the colour and shape.

I’d love to see any that you create via email or posted onto this blog.

Have fun and keep smiling.

Love Mrs O’Donnell