Good morning everyone!

You’ll be pleased that there’s no video from me today as today’s challenge for stilling time is really simple!

Think about your class and class mates. Whether you are Acorns or Oaks, you belong to that class with other children and teachers.

Today I would like you to try to remember all the people in your class, from your peers to your teachers. You may have more than one teacher and more than one teaching assistant.

If you are in Holly, Hazel, Willow, Sycamore and Oak class it’d be great if you could turn this into a piece of art work by designing names creatively or by timing yourself to see if you can remember everyone’s names. If you are in Acorn or Beech class maybe get a grown up to help you write a list as you say the names of the people in your class.

Have you got any class pictures to help you remember? You could have a look back through your class blog for any pictures that teachers may have posted if you need a little bit of help!

Have fun with this challenge! I’d love to know how you all get on!

Keep smiling,

Love Mrs O’Donnell 😊