In Science this week, we used a fun way to find out lots of facts about the planets in our Solar System.

Each table had a Fact-file about a different planet on it. After being put into our Science groups, we had to move around the different tables to find out as many facts as we could. To make it more challenging, we only had 3 minutes on each table and we weren’t allowed to write anything down – we had to memorise the facts!

The groups had some time to discuss how they would do this. A lot of the groups divided the facts up between them.

After the time was up, the children had a few minutes to write down as many facts as they could. Then we had a quiz. The children worked together to pool their knowledge within their groups. All the groups did amazingly well and remembered a lot of facts. It was a fun way to learn about the planets and it really got their brains working!

Great collaboration skills too!