Thank you to our scientist ‘Sarah’ for her visit into Acorn Class yesterday. The children were eager to find out more about Space and were well prepared with some fantastic questions!

Oscar: How many planets are there?

Ted: What is the pink planet?

Ralph: How many men have gone into space?

Amelia: Which order do the planets go around the sun?

George- Why can’t we feel it when we move around the sun?

Ralph- Why does earth spin around so much?

Albert- When do people blast off into space in the rockets?

Darcy- How any planets are there?

Toby- How does the sun get very hot?

Alex- Why does Uranus lay on its side?

Isla- Why is Saturn bigger than the Earth?

Finley- How do you make a planet?

Ted- Why is Saturn like Uranus?

Alex- If something hit the planet to move it, why didn’t it go in?

Sophia- Is Mars hot or cold?

Wow; these were amazing questions from a class of 4 and 5 year olds!