Over the half-term, please talk to your child about whether they would like to represent their school as a member of the School or Eco Council and what this entails (see below). If they would, we would be extremely grateful if you could help them to prepare a short speech about why they would be a good member of the School or Eco Council and/or make a campaign poster. Speeches and voting will take place during the first week of next half term. Many thanks for your ongoing support.



Why run for School or Eco Council?


  •  You can represent your class


  • You can ensure that the pupils of Ellel St. John’s get their voice heard


  • You can be part of a team that makes changes happen


  • You will get to spend time with pupils from other year groups and classes


  • You could take part in visits and fund raising activities


What am I committing myself to?


  • Speaking in front of your class and/or presenting a poster about why you would make a good Councillor


  • Running a Class Eco or School Council Meeting regularly


  • Attending and contributing to a lunchtime Council Meeting approximately every three weeks


Our Eco Council is there to help improve the environment both around our school and also for people all over the world. We need children who want to help with this very important job.