We are encouraging our families to take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, which runs from Friday 29th until Sunday 31st January.

You can click on the links at the bottom of this blog to access the resources you will need.

We hope you enjoy taking part. Please take photos and share with us!

How to take part

  1. Pick a time
    You can choose any hour between Friday 29th and Sunday 31st January, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can still take part!
  2. Get ready
    Download one of the tally sheet templates or you could always create your own table in your home learning book. If you can, place out some bird seed to encourage birds to your garden. You can access some simple birdfeeder instructions using the links below so you can make your own at home.
  3. Tell us what you see 
    Count the birds you see in your garden or from your balcony*. Only include those that land, not those flying over. Count the most birds you see at any one time – otherwise you could count the same bird twice.

*This year, the RSPB advise that families take part in the safety of your own home. This could include a birdwatch from your window if you overlook a green space or courtyard.


If you need help identifying a bird, you can use the RSPB’s online tool: https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/identify-a-bird/ 

  1. Submit your results
    Go to our website at rspb.org.uk/birdwatch, and using the code BH30, tell us what you saw by 15 February 2021. Every count is important so, if you don’t see anything, please still submit your result. Finding out which birds don’t visit your area is as important as understanding those which do!

BBC Programme – Thursday 28th January at 11am

The BBC will this year be supporting the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch with live lessons on Thursday 28th January at 11am. The cross-curricular programme, in partnership with the RSPB and BBC Two’s Winterwatch, will allow Key Stage 2 pupils to experience the magic of nature in the winter from their classrooms and homes, and arm them with the necessary skills to go out and explore their local wildlife. Younger children can also watch, but may need adult help.

Covering key curriculum objectives across English, maths and science, the lesson will delve into the key features of a ‘how-to’ guide, working scientifically using classification keys and how to present data using bar graphs.

Pupils will get a chance to pose questions to our Winterwatch experts in a live Q&A, and learn about how their birdwatching can help contribute to the preservation of bird species in the UK. Email your bird / wildlife questions, alongside your school name, to live.lessons@bbc.co.uk and they could be featured in the lesson.

Download BBC resources to be used alongside the Live Lesson:


Other activities

  1. Watch the live camera feed from the RSPB and see if you can name the different visitors to their feeding table.
  2. Create different bird feeders at home following the simple instructions below.
  3. Download and play two different card games produced by the RSPB:

Here are the links to all of the resources you might need to help you take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch:

Rec & KS1 Big Garden Birdwatch Information – Jan 2021

KS2 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Information 2021

Tally & Bar Charts

Bird Feeders

Good luck everyone! We really hope you enjoy taking part in this lovely, family activity!