What a wonderful day we had in Ribchester!

We had a great time looking roumd the museum. At last we got to see the Ribchester Cavalry Helmet that we had learnt about in school.

We sat on benches near the River Ribble and discussed reasons for the Romans settling by the river:

  • fresh water for drinking
  • fishing
  • protection against local tribes
  • water for washing
  •  water to use in the Roman Baths

We walked to the Roman Bath Ruins. We found out all about the under floor and wall heating, the sauna, the hot  and cold rooms. We noticed that the Bath House was very close to a stream that fed into the river so that thye could easily carry water. there was laso a well for them to store the water in.


We walked to the playing field to have a lunch and a play.


We returned to the museum to learn more about the Roman Fort that was at Ribchester. We learnt that thye had 500 horses there. Patrick, the curator let us handle genuine Roman Artefacts, like roof tiles, oil lamps, bits of pots and bowls. He laos let us handle some replics of Roman sandals and saddle bags.



It was really exciting when he got out the chainmail, armour, helmet, shield and spear that a cavalry soldier would have had.


Next he showed us what the footsoldiers would have worn and carried.


It was even more exciting whne he got out a replica of the Ribchester Cavalry helmet!

After that we all got to try out the weapons, shields and armour -it was very heavy!

It was a fantastic day out, we learnt so much and craeted some special memories.

Thank you to Mrs o’Donnell, Mrs Fisher, Mrs Turner and Mrs Dixon for looking after us.