What a wonderful day we have had today.

We started the day making our decorations of Hope which we later hung in the school grounds. We thought about the following:

  • What’s good in our lives.
  • What’s good in the world.
  • What we are hoping for.


After that,  we went on our pilgrimage in the school grounds. We stopped at 4 stations to retell and reflect on different parts of the Easter Story.

We finished in the Yurt where we had a drink and a biscuit (thank you everyone in the school kitchen – they were delicious!).

We reflected on needing food and nourishment on a journey and how Jesus shared the Passover meal with his friends and took the bread and wine and asked them to share this meal to remember him when he was gone.

We finished with this prayer:

Loving God,

we thank you for travelling alongside us on our journey each day. Thank you for showing us the way. Help us to follow your example as we travel alongside each other. Thank you for the food we eat and the homes we live in. Help us to find ways to be kind and caring to all those around us.


We worked in groups and created Story Circles. We listened to readings from the Bible which retold the Easter Story. We drew something to represent each part of the Easter Story. Once we had finished we decided in our groups which was the most significant event and drew that in the centre of the circle. We presented our Story Circles to the class and explained how we had chosen our most important event. There were some interesting choices and we agreed that there was a chain of events leading to the resurrection.


In the afternoon, we worked in groups to focus on the characters in each part of the Easter Story.

We took one of the main events and thought about the people that were involved and the part they played.

We decided how we would portray this event. Most groups opted for drama while a couple of groups wanted to create some artwork. We presented our events to the class in the order they happened.

Palm Sunday

The Last Supper


The Garden of Gethsemane

The Crucifixion

The Resurrection

It was a lovely way to explore the Easter story and to end the term – a huge thank you to Mrs Thomas, Mr. Thomas and Craig!

Happy Easter to you all!