What a wonderful, reflective and prayerful day we’ve had in Oak Class.

This signpost led us to the Garden of Gethsemene…

Jesus went here with his friends to pray and was then arrested.

Jesus was afraid of what was to come but found the courage  to do what was needed. We held a stone and then laid it in the shape of a cross and asked God to give us the courage to stand up for what is right.

We then moved to the fire pit with Craig and thought about when Peter denied Jesus three times.

We placed our sticks in the fire and thought about how Jesus’ sacrifice means that we can give our sins and the wrong things we have done to God.

We then moved to the cross with Mr Thomas…

This amazingly special symbols is a constant reminder of what Jesus did for us and because of him we will be forgiven for anything. Thank you Jesus!

Finally, we took shelter in the yurt and here we thought about food and nourishment. We remembered when Jesus shared the Passover meal – the Last Supper – with his friends and how we still remember him today during the Eucharist.

Then we shared a drink and a biscuit and said a thank you prayer…

Loving Lord, we thank you for travelling alongside us on our journey each day. Thank you for showing us the way. Help us to follow your example as we travel alongside each other. Thank you for the food we have to eat and the homes we live in. Help us to find ways to be kind and caring to all those around us. Amen


We are very grateful to Mrs Thomas for organising this special day and to Craig and Mr Thomas for leading the outdoor sessions for us.