Keep practicing all Phase 2 and 3 sounds!


Questions to think about:

  • Can your child say the phoneme (sound) when shown the grapheme (letter/s)?
  • Can your child blend sounds in order to read words? You can even provide sound buttons.
  • Can your child segment words into sounds verbally, using their robot arms?
  • Can your child write phonetically decodable words? Words using the phonics they have learnt.


There are many Phonics songs on You Tube which the children would enjoy (many have already been mentioned) but below is a calming phonics alphabet song:


Click here to view a list of suggested Phonics Games and Activities: Phonics Activities and Games


Remember, all children learn indifferent ways. Some by sight, some by physical, some by listening, some by practical etc. Try to incorporate a range of activities.


Have fun with phonics and your child will too!