Hi all,

I understand that the Oxford Owl (https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/) website may, at times, be struggling with demand and we don’t want our children missing out on reading opportunities.

Our school website has a page devoted to Website and App recommendations but the list may be a bit overwhelming –  https://ellelstjohns.school/websites-and-apps/

This webpage includes a section ‘Free Websites and Apps to support with Phonics and Early Reading.’

Here are a couple of the recommended websites –

Fly Leaf Publishing (free books)–  https://portal.flyleafpublishing.com/learners-resources/ 

Phonics Play Comics (phonics comics to read) – http://www.phonicsplaycomics.co.uk/comics.html

Click here to view some additional phonics games activity ideas – Phonics Activities and Games

I hope this all helps,

Mrs Tyson x