This week in English, we started a new story.

When we arrived in class on Monday, we found a basket with a label saying “please look after this bear”. We discussed as a class where it could have come from and what could’ve been inside.

Mrs Quinn pulled out some of the items from the basket; some bread, tea and a jar of marmalade and we decided it had to be from Paddington. Mrs Quinn showed us the basket and we were right, Paddington was inside.

There was a letter inside from Paddington asking us to complete some writing based on his story over the next few weeks in class.  He has also asked us to show him the fantastic work we have done!

We then read the story ‘Paddington’ as a class and sequenced the events. We then moved on to labels and lists and have looked at their features. In our next lessons, we wrote a list of what Paddington may have in his suitcase and we labelled Paddington. We are really enjoying our Paddington work.