We went on a Pilgrimage around school and visited different places from the Easter Story. We followed the sign to Gethsemane.


The Garden of Gethsemane. In the garden, we held a pebble in our hands whilst talking about being courageous and when we have shown courage in our lives. We laid down our pebbles to make a cross.

We travelled on to the courtyard to learn about Jesus’ arrest and denial. Craig told us what happened to Jesus that day. We picked up sticks and carefully placed them in the fire to forgive our sins.

We journeyed on to visit The Cross. Adam told us the story of what happened to Jesus that day. We learnt about sins and that it is okay to forgive someone. We collected some small twigs and laid them on top of each other to make a Cross.

To conclude our pilgrimage, we shared gifts in the Yurt. We warmed up by having juice and cookies and had a discussion about our favourite part of the pilgrimage.

After sheltering in the Yurt, we constructed a shelter. The Pilgrim’s Way to Lindisfarne has a shelter along its route. We learnt that Pilgrims use this shelter to keep safe for when the tide comes in.


Before:                                               After: (the blue strip at the bottom is the North Sea – obviously).

Let’s Hope

We discussed things that we are hopeful and thankful for. Families, friends, nature, animals, Planet Earth, water and oxygen. The list went on. We drew pictures and wrote words on wooden chips using the theme of Hope. The wooden chips will be tied on branches.