We’ve enjoyed going outside today to explore nature, we saw different animals and looked at different plants. We took streamers outside to watch how they moved in the wind and we planted some wild flower seeds. We jotted down notes onto a clipboard and used those ideas to write our class poem.

A Nature Poem

By Holly Class

When summer comes, the animals come out,

Trees rushing fresh air,

blowing a summer breeze,

the wind is blowing through the leaves,

Plants are getting watered,

Berries on trees look so tasty to eat,

The apples on trees look so delicious,

Black birds fly high in the sky getting food,

Ladybirds are on the ground finding food,

Children are playing happily,

The beautiful flowers are growing,

The grass blades are blowing,

In the Autumn the leaves fall,

Hedgehogs hibernate,

Frogs are ribbiting,

Nature is laying more eggs,

Nature is providing food for everyone.