Beech Class have had a great first week in class. All week, we have been looking at the story called the Colour Monster.

The colour monsters feelings are all jumbled up and they try to help him to sort them out into different emotions. We have looked at our feelings and emotions this week and looked at how we feel when we are happy, sad, angry and worried. We then looked at the things we could do to help us feel calm when our emotions are mixed up.

In our afternoon sessions, we have been doing lots of artwork all to do with colour. We have looked at primary colours and what colours you can mix to make secondary colours. We then have looked at what colours are warm and cool and how they can help us create different feelings and emotions in our artwork. We then looked at tinting and shading and how you can add white and black to a colour to make them darker or lighter.

As well as all of this, we have been exploring our new environment and seeing what our different areas in class have to offer.

On Friday after the sad news about the Queen, we completed some activities to help us to remember her and celebrate her life. We learned about her life, made crowns on the creative table and all made a Union Jack flag.

We have had a super busy but fun first week and Mrs Quinn can’t wait to do it all again next week!