Today’s picture is of me new puppy Freddie. He is 4 and a half weeks old here. We’re very excited and can’t wait until he can live with us!

Welcome to Tuesday!


Don’t forget to complete your purple mash activity on Friends. Remember to make your answers in response to Friends not general comments. Don’t forget to send in your contributions for Mrs Thomas’ celebration assembly

Blackburn Cathedral Leavers Service

Don’t forget to send in your contributions for Mrs Thomas’ celebration assembly. Remember it can be a poem, song, prayer or artwork.


Day 2 – Tuesday

BBC Online Group

BBC website –

Find 7th July English for today’s lesson.

LI – To read the Tempest

 Extension Group

LI – To write a script for a TV news report

Task 1: Find out about the history-making SpaceX rocket which has just landed at the International Space Station –

making notes from the website as you read:

BBC Newsround SpaceX docks to ISS: NASA astronauts land safely and make history:

Task 2: Imagine Newsround have asked you to do a TV news bulletin for their show about the SpaceX

rocket landing. Write a news report script about the landing. To help when writing your news script, think

about including these points:

– Introduce yourself and explain what your news is, in a short summary sentence ‘Good evening, my

name is… Tonight’s main news is…’

– Stick to the key facts – making your news as clear as possible

– You may wish to include quotes from the astronauts which can be found in the article

– Give a closing statement to end your bulletin ‘I’m … and this has been tonight’s news. Goodnight.’


To get an idea of how Newsround currently present the news, watch the show here:

CBBC Newsround: Watch Newsround –


As you are writing your script, make sure you practise reading it aloud. Ask a member of your family to

listen to you read – they may be able to help make suggestions for how you can edit/improve your report.

Once you have written your script, set up your ‘news area’ and perform it to a family member.

If possible, you may want to record your news report to send to us!




We are continuing with our Abacus 3 learning. Again read the questions carefully,

Maths Page 18

Page 19

Maths Answers Page 17 and 18

Maths Answers Page 19

If you would like to do extra then you can complete the Fibonacci sequence here –

Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci Sequence answers

Stilling time

Please see Mrs O’Donnell’s post for today’s stilling time activity.


Keep going with Mr Garvey’s activities or Joe Wicks PE, or some similar exercise such as Fitness Marshall, other online exercises. The most important thing is that you get your blood pumping and get yourself out of breath!


Have a good morning’s learning!


Mrs Poole