Welcome to Tuesday! This was Morecambe exactly a week ago! I went there for the afternoon with my girls – I thought it looked like being abroad with the tide in; I certainly feel very lucky to live near such a wonderful place!


Please can you either email Mrs FitzGerald with your order choices or drop the form off at school. Please can you do this by Wednesday 3pm. Even if you have emailed Tracey please email to Mrs FitzGerald again as Tracey isn’t able to access her emails at the moment. We need to place the order urgently. 

Don’t forget to join in with YV choir this afternoon at 2:30pm. Look at yesterday’s blog for the links.


Day 2 – Tuesday

BBC Online Group

BBC website – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1

Find 2nd June English for today’s lesson.

LI – To develop a character and use of word tenses

Extension Group

LI – To write a climate change quiz

 Task 1. Read this page: Climate Change in the Arctic.

Write down interesting facts as you read: https://wickedweather watch.org.uk/climate- change/climate-change- in-the-arctic/

Task 2. Now read this article Our Frozen Worlds (pages 1-5) and add any more interesting facts you find: http://awsassets.panda. org/downloads/primary_ourfrozenworlds.pdf

Task 3. Based on what you have learnt about climate change in the Arctic, create a quiz for a family member, adult or teacher to answer. Try to include a variety of question types including multiple choice and true/false. Remember to proof-read your work to check it makes sense and for spelling and punctuation.


The BBC Online Learning Group click on the link below:


2nd June Maths

LI – Convert common equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages


Click on the link below watch the lesson introduction which gives you the teaching so that you are able to answer the questions on the activity sheet. Start at Summer Week 2 (April 27th )  Lesson 2

LI – Angles in regular polygons


Stilling time

Please see Mrs O’Donnell’s post for today’s stilling time activity.


Keep going with Mr Garvey’s activities or Joe Wicks PE, or some similar exercise such as Fitness Marshall, other online exercises. The most important thing is that you get your blood pumping and get yourself out of breath!

I will not be posting any answers today as all your work has the answers with it. However if you wish to test me… I would love to have a go at your quizzes if you’ve completed the English Extension task!

Don’t forget to get your hoodie orders in ASAP!

Have a good morning’s learning!


Mrs Poole