Welcome to Tuesday!

A lovely picture of when we had Hazel class come in and test our electronic games back on February.


When you are in school we will be working on Transition and completing your booklet. Don’t forget to complete the 2Do on Finding your way.


Extension Group

LI – to write a presentation.

Find out more about the moon by reading these sources. Jot down any facts that you find interesting:

Dr Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System by Maggie Aderin-Pocock (Pages 4-5):


National Geographic Kids website – Facts About the Moon:

https://www.natgeokid s.com/uk/discover/scie nce/space/facts-about- the-moon/

Moon by Stewart Ross (Page 3):

moon extract

Imagine you have been asked by the BBC to join Professor Brian Cox on a CBBC TV special about Space. He has asked you to do a five minute presentation on the moon.

If you are unfamiliar with who Brian Cox is, here he is in action (scroll down to the video ‘How earth was created’): https://www.bbc.co.uk/ bitesize/articles/zk7fy9q

When creating your presentation, consider these points:

  • Think about writing a script or key notes for your presentation – making sure you practice aloud so that it stays within the five minute limit.
  • You may want to use a computer programme to create a presentation, such as PowerPoint, or design and create posters which you can refer to as you as you speak

Once completed, have a go at performing it to someone in your house. If possible, you could also record it and send it to us!

BBC Online Group

BBC website – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1

Find 30th June English for today’s lesson.

LI –To use maps, charts and presentations


We are continuing with our Abacus 3 learning. Again read the questions carefully, the second page is all about decimals.

Maths Page 6

Maths Page 7

Maths Answers Page 6

Maths Answers Page 7

The rest of the answers to page 7 can be found here:

Rest of answers to Page 6

Stilling time

Please see Mrs O’Donnell’s post for today’s stilling time activity.


Keep going with Mr Garvey’s activities or Joe Wicks PE, or some similar exercise such as Fitness Marshall, other online exercises. The most important thing is that you get your blood pumping and get yourself out of breath!

Have a good morning’s learning!


Mrs Poole