Welcome to our first blended week of learning!

We welcome back the first group of you into class while the rest of you will be learning through the Blog before we switch round on Thursday. Normally with our blended learning if you’re in school you will be following the extension work however when you’re at home you can continue with the BBC online learning if that is what you have been doing. But this week we think that it will take some time to adjust to our new way of working on Monday and on Thursday as there are lots of new routines to learn and expectations. Therefore for this week we will only be posting the BBC online links and we will not set any extension tasks. If you want to do more work you can always have a look at Mathletics, Purple Mash, Spelling Shed for extra activities to complete.


We are continuing to think about the transition to high school. Quite a few of you have not completed and handed in last week’s Purple Mash tasks. Please login to Purple Mash and finish those tasks. This week I have set a new transition task called ‘New Teachers’ in your 2Dos. It needs to be completed by the end of the week. Make sure you read the extra information when you first launch the app as it will help you with the activity.


BBC website – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1

Find English for today’s lesson 22nd June

LI – To write comics and use an ellipsis


BBC website – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-lessons/1

Find Maths for today’s lesson 22nd June

LI – To find the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes


Please log in to the Google Classroom to find your science work, the hand in date is Thursday. I have changed the documents to word ones so that you should be able to edit online and then hand in to me. I’ve also changed the power point into Google Slides which when you click on present should work better than last week!

Stilling time

For today’s stilling time I would like you to go outside and find some where to sit – it could be on the ground, on a chair or even in a tree! Then sit quietly with your eyes open, listen to all the sounds that you can hear. Do this for a couple of minutes. Now repeat the activity again (don’t change places!) but this time close your eyes. Can you hear more with your eyes closed?

There are no answers needing to be posted this afternoon as all the tasks come with their answers and the English work will be different for each person.

Have a good morning’s learning!


Mrs Poole