Good afternoon Oak class!  I’m sorry that today’s work was not on the blog to start with,  I was trying to be clever and get the post to publish itself automatically. Unfortunately it did not work so thank you for letting me know and your patience while I got it sorted.

I hope that you’ve had a good morning’s work.

How are you getting on with your VE day bunting? This is mine and Bronnie’s bunting so far; we’ve made 13 triangles. Tomorrow we’re going to sew the triangles on to the ribbon. Please do send me your pictures of how you are getting on with your bunting.

The maths answers for White Rose Hub are on the website.

The English Extension task possible answers are:

Collect phrases which suggest that Jack wants to be sold.

  • Christopher had caught Jack grinning to himself on the way over in the truck.
  • Jack was also grinning to himself as they walked to the address.
  • Jack remembers to use all the tricks that Mr Absalom had taught him – to incline his head and have a hopeful look on his face.
  • Jack is willing to make himself look good so does everything Mr Absalom tells him to do – dance a jig, do a calculation and a cartwheel.
  • Even when Mr Absalom hasn’t told him to do anything he is trying to entertain Mr and Mrs Chapman such as walking around on his hands.

Think about and record in writing, responses to the following questions:

  1. In what ways does Jack try to secure his sale? – Jack tries to be as amenable as possible to his new owners such as dancing, doing mathematical calculations and entertaining them with his antics like walking on his hands.


2.  Why do you think that Jack wanted to be sold? – Maybe Jack doesn’t like living with Mr Absalom and Christopher. Perhaps                                Christopher and Mr Absalom argue a lot or that Mr Absalom is unkind to him and so he wants to escape. It could be that Jack wants to        try living a new life as that is what he is maybe programmed to do.


3. “Christopher tried to dampen the hot, sickening anger he felt.” Why was Christopher so unhappy about the sale? – Christopher didn’t                know that they were going to visit grieving parents, he felt betrayed by Mr Absalom because he wouldn’t tell him the whole story.                       Christopher felt that Mr Absalom was taking advantage of Mr and Mrs Chapman and this made him feel angry. The more outrageous               Mr Absalom became in his sales technique the more angry Christopher became.

Use a dictionary, thesaurus or  to define the word ‘humanely’. Humanely means in a way that shows compassion or benevolence.

  1. Which character behaves the most humanely in this chapter? Why? – I think Christopher behaves the most humanely because he is aware that the Chapmans are grieving for the loss of their son, he doesn’t want them to try to replace their son with Jack. He is angry at the way Mr Absalom is saying and doing anything to make them buy Jack. Christopher understands how upset the Chapmans are feeling and that they might not make wise choices because of their grief.


5. Which character behaves in the least humane way in this chapter? Why? – I think that Mr Absalom behaves in the least humane way                 because he will say anything and do anything to get a sale. He doesn’t care about the Chapmans and their feelings; Mr Absalom only                 wants to get a sale. He tries to make sure Christopher doesn’t spoil the sale by pushing him back and glaring at him as in warning him               not to speak.

I will see you next week – enjoy your learning with Mrs Fitz.


Mrs Poole