Good afternoon,

I hope that your morning’s work went well? Here are the answers to the work set today.

Extension Maths

If you scroll to the end of the PDF the culprit is revealed as Gemma Glucose and her confession was that ‘I wanted to make hot chocolate.’

Extension English

Your similarities between Diagon Alley and the Nowhere Emporium will all be different but some possible examples are: – magical experience encountered by normal everyday people. Harry had never seen anything like Diagon Alley before and the people in the town had never seen a shop appear so mysteriously before. Magic is used to begin the experience in the Nowhere Emporium; the golden gate shatters to announce the beginning of the experience. In Diagon Alley Hagrid touches the bricks in a certain way to reveal the alley behind the wall. Another similarity is that nothing is as it seems and that magic is used to entertain.

Your five sentences about Harry’s experience are going to be all different but here is an example of what you could have written. Swiftly turning his head one way then the other Harry could see hundreds of weird and wonderful creatures and objects. Nervously Harry shrank back as people called out to Hagrid. Noises and smells overloaded Harry’s senses. Enticing objects jostled for Harry’s attention. Exciting adventures awaited Harry at every turn.


What’s your keepy uppy score with the toilet roll? Mine is a disappointing 2 – definitely need to keep practising!

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