Now for Part 2 with the most important message!

Welcome to SATs week! This would have been our SATs week had we been in school, it’s a real shame that you cannot demonstrate how far you’ve come in your primary learning. However we are pleased that you all are continuing to develop your skills in all areas of the curriculum.

I hope that you enjoyed the VE commemorations over the weekend! Here’s a couple of pictures –



Our extension theme: Robots (Part 2)

We are continuing with the Robots theme started last week, you will have the opportunity to explore, design and even create your own robot! When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online. You will also make links with The Wizard of Oz referenced last week and begin writing a story featuring your own robot creation.

Day 1 – Monday

BBC website –

Find English for today’s lesson 11th May

LI – To write a formal report


Today you are going to explore robots! Watch, enjoy and find out how robots can be used in these clips. As you watch and read, collect and discuss some of the technical vocabulary.

Nat Geo Kids – Fun Facts About Robots

BBC article about Five robots that are changing the world.

Controlling Physical Systems

National Geographic Kids –Robot Start at page 8. (You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extract. Membership is free).

After watching the film clips and reading the material, discuss with a family member the many ways in which robots can help/are used.

Write these uses in a chart or list like this:

Ways in which Robots can help us

LI – To research and present findings on ways robots can help us


For those doing BBC Bitesize online learning

BBC website –

Find Maths for today’s lesson 11th  May

LI – Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integers


For this week the extension group will be studying from the Oak Academy website. These are similar to the White Rose Hub in that there is a teaching segment followed by independent work. We would welcome your feedback towards the end of the week on what you thought about this website and comparing it with the White Rose Hub. Please click the link below and scroll down to Week 1, ensure that you click on Monday and then complete the lesson. Each lesson starts with a quiz, then you watch a video. At various points in the video the teacher will ask you to pause the video and complete the task set. Sometimes this activity is shown on the video other times you will need to minimize the video and click on the button next activity (usually found on the left side of the page). When you have completed the task press resume video (usually found on the top right of the page)

LI – To represent fractions


LI – To understand the difference between drugs and the impact they can have on your body.

This week in science we are looking at the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body. This is a sensitive lesson that your parent may wish to do with you but it is part of the science and PSHE curriculum. It is important that you understand the difference between legal and illegal drugs and what impact the different drugs have on your body. I have included a guidance sheet for your parents to read if they want to.

Adult Guidance Impact of Drugs and Alcohol

For the first task please read Part 1 power point presentation.

Part 1 Lesson Presentation Impact of Drugs and Alcohol

Now choose which sheet you wish to do, remember mild is the easier version and hot/spicy is harder. You can copy the sheet into your home learning book or print it out. You have to label the body with different drugs you have found out about and what effect it has on the body. You can refer back to the power point presentation if you need to.

Mild Impact of drugs Labelled Diagram

Hot Spicy Impact of drugs diagram

Next please read Part 2 power point, this is about smoking and what effect it has on the body and the history of smoking. Please then add your new information to the sheet you have already started on.

Part 2 Lesson Presentation Impact of Drugs and Alcohol

I would like to see your work so please email me a picture.

Stilling time

Last week we started thinking about our body in particular what happens when we feel nervous. Watch the video clip below which helps explain this bodily function.

You may now what to do a calming breathing exercise, if so try this one:

Have a good morning’s learning!


Mrs Poole