Maths Homework

I have set the children a Mathletics activity as a follow-up to some of the work we have been doing since the start of term. They should login to Mathletics (login details are in their planners) and complete the activity by next Friday – 2nd October.


RE/English Homework

Our RE topic for this half term is ‘Life as a Journey’. As part of their learning, I have shown the children a ‘map’/timeline of my life, and for homework, would like them to produce a similar timeline of their own life journey so far. This should include key events, key places, key people and any religious ceremonies and/or rites of passage. At the end of the timeline, they should include hopes/aspirations for the future.  Once this work is submitted, it will be stuck into their RE books, so please avoid producing anything on big pieces of paper. However, they can choose to produce their timeline in whatever creative way they like. Some suggestions are: handwritten/drawn onto A4 sheets; a booklet; typed in a Word document; typed in a Publisher document; a Powerpoint (slides can be printed and stuck in). If you are unable to print word processed work at home, please email it to me and we can print it at school.

This homework should be submitted by Friday 2nd October.

The children really enjoyed the RE lesson on Wednesday and are looking forward to this activity. They will benefit from talking to an adult about their timeline and the events, dates and photos they wish to include.

Many thanks for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs FitzGerald