Maths Homework

You should have brought home a print-out and some squared paper to complete your maths homework on. If you’ve not got this for any reason, make sure you ask Mrs Darlington-Knight for a copy on Monday. This homework is due in next Friday – 26th March.


Topic/English Homework

For this week’s homework, we would like you to do some preparation for next week’s topic lesson in which we will be considering evidence for and against the accused in the Pendle Witch Trials. Thinking back to what we have covered in our topic lessons and by carrying out further research, please come up with some pieces of evidence (at least four examples but more if you can) for and against the accused being guilty of witchcraft. Please remember, we are not asking for your opinion – try to stick to historical evidence and modern day explanations.


Evidence for guilt: Evidence against guilt:
Alison Device cursed a man who immediately became terribly ill and paralysed. Modern day medicine would suggest that this man had a stroke as a result of being distressed.

Please bring your evidence back to school no later than Thursday 25th March as we will need it in our lesson. Good luck! Mrs Fitz and Mrs Poole