For your English homework this week I would like you to Google Literacy Shed. (Unfortunately I couldn’t get a link to work)

  • Then scroll down the page to the War and Peace Shed.
  • Again scroll down the page to The Christmas Truce section.
  • Click on the link.
  • Watch the video titled Sainsbury’s retelling of the story.
  • After watching the video click on the link below and write on the word document a diary entry for Jim. You may have to insert a text box to be able to write on the document.

Christmas Truce Homework 13th Nov

Maths – Choose which section you would like to complete on equivalent fractions – we have completed work similar to this during the week. Look at the example to help you and section A will also give you some help.

Maths Fractions 13th Nov

If you need any help then please let either myself or Mrs Nicks know at school or via email.

Remember homework club starts next week with Mrs Turner if you would like to do your homework with her.

Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Poole