Happy Friday everyone! Just before I finish for the weekend, I wanted to share the pictures and work I’ve received from a few of you of your home learning. Thank you for these. Have a lovely weekend and ‘see’ you next week.

Mrs Fitz xxx

Maya’s Anthony Gormley models

Chloe’s rainbow

David’s Report

Arianna’s RE Poem:

To the disciples Jesus is:
A friend you know you can rely on,
A man you can’t help but love,
A representation to always care.

To the people he met:
A doctor of sin,
A Shepherd of men,
A lover to the world.

To me Jesus is,
A rock under feet,
A dad I always wanted,
A king of my life,
A path to lead the way,
A friend that will always be there,
A street lamp that will always shine through.


Lottie’s RE Poem:

Wonderful counsellor- when you need someone to listen,
Rock- when you need someone to rely on,
Healer- when you are sick or hurting,
Father- when you need someone to turn to,
Prince of peace- when the world is in turmoil and you need to find peace,
Friend- when you are alone,
The way- when you need guidance he will show you the way,
The light or the world- when everything feels dark.

The Alpha and the Omega- He is the beginning and the end


Maya’s News Report script:

26.3.20                              TV News Script

(News round music and logo)

(In news room sat on the red sofa reporter 1)

Reporter 1: Good afternoon and welcome to Ellel news, today you will be hearing about a major storm that has brought disruption to a seaside village in Milan .

Reporter 1: why don’t we see what happening in Milan?

Reporter2: I’m here in Milan and it is chaotic! I’ve heard from many residents today, and one said “this is the worst situation we’ve faced in decades”.

Reporter 2: This is Maria she is from this village, let hear what she has to say about all of this.

Maria: this awful time will force all of us out of our village but we know what to do in this crisis. At these times we all play the part we’ve been given and this is how we get out of our houses before they crumble from the power of the wind and heaviness of the rain, these times are very daunting for us all.

Reporter2:  Thank you Maria. It must be so hard just to pack up and leave knowing your village will be left in ruins until it is safe to rebuild.

(Pictures and videos of Milan scenes, a house crumbling, the sea raging and the amount   of people running through the streets)

Reporter 2: Maria said they have parts to do let’s hear what the children of this town have to do at these times. Louis, William, Marcus and Mark will tell us a bit about what they do.

The boys: We have to:

  • Get cloths and personal belongings in a bag /as much as possible.
  • Get as much food as we can with our mothers.
  • Get out of the house!
  • Go with our mothers and siblings if we have them to safety

Our fathers stay behind an scavenge as much as possible, put it all in the wagons ,get the horses then in our safe place we set up camp until we move back into our village. It is a very scary and exciting experience for us all.

Reporter 2: Thank you boys that was very interesting.

Reporter 2: Here are some mind blowing facts about this destructive storm.

  • This storm has had up to 170mph
  • Heavy rain sleet and hail isn’t helping keep houses standing.
  • By the end of this storm there will be wide spread flooding across the entire village, which means if some houses stay standing they likely will be flooded.

Reporter 1: Well that is it for today, thank you for watching. Stay safe. Bye-bye.


Luca’s TV News Report:

TV News Report by:  Luca Bridson.

Hi I’m Luca Bridson reporting for Ellel News, tonight we are in Milan. We are here in MIlan as there have been reports of a ferocious storm coming in. There are golf ball sized hailstones coming from the north. They are destroying houses leaving no signs of remaining structures. The wind is blowing through hard. The villagers are having to concentrate on not losing their balance and being swept away. People are cowering for their lives so they do not get hit by the hailstones. 

There are people running all around me, trying to find shelter. People are taking all their prized possessions and as much as they can carry, or filling their carts and trying to get away to safety. The villagers here are used to this as something similar has happened before. Although not on this scale.

I have an eye witness to the storm, this is Michael.

Michael what do you think about this storm and has this ever happened to you before???

Michael “This is an extremely bad storm, many people have died. It’s very sad. My Father has died. It was a really sad moment to see. He got struck by lightning! Yes, this has happened to me before. The last time the wind was so strong i flew through the air and landed on a roof so i jumped into the chimney.”

Ok let’s find shelter so that won’t happen again!!! I am very sorry to hear about your father. Thank you for talking to me Michael.

Soon there will be a chance of flooding if the winds continue to make such large waves crashing down on this village.

Hopefully once the storm has passed the villagers can work together to make Milan safe again.

This is Luca Bridson reporting live from Milan. Now back to you in the studio.


Joe’s Tempest News Report (This made me lol!)