Good morning Oak Class! I hope you’re all ok. I’m missing you!

Don’t forget our Google Meet at 9am tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you!


Continue with the Oak Academy unit on coordinates and shape; you should be on lesson 8 today:

Click on the link and begin at lesson 8: To solve problems involving 3D shapes.

LI – to solve problems involving 3D shapes.


LI – to write a detailed character description.

Do you know the story of The Wizard of Oz? In that story, a number of the characters are on a quest to get the things they really want (a heart, courage, a brain). Learn about why the Tin Man wanted a heart by reading Chapter 5 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum:

Compare the Tin Man’s plight with that of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. The Tin Man desperately wants a heart. What does Buzz Lightyear want? (to be human and not a toy):

Think about your own robot. What might your robot wish for? E.g. a heart, a brain, new hands to do a particular job, or simply to become human.

Your task:

Write a character description of your robot as it might appear in a story (a detailed and descriptive paragraph introducing your robot).

Remember in addition to all the physical features you may have included in your fact file or PowerPoint earlier this week, this time you will also need to include some of your character’s thoughts and feelings, just like L. Frank Baum did with the Tin Man.

Remember to read through your writing to check it makes sense and to check for spelling and punctuation. Also use a dictionary and thesaurus (online if necessary) to help you with your work. I’m looking forward to reading your work; remember to send it to me.



Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time activity for today – enjoy your time with her!

As an extra and because I’m not sure my Square Breathing Stilling Time video shared properly yesterday, I’m sharing it again now:


LI – to locate and learn about key rivers of the world.

For your topic lesson today, you will need to watch my video below and work through the lesson at your own pace. Pause the video whenever I tell you to or when you want to so you can think, discuss and/or record in your home learning book. (I have also attached the presentation as a PDF that you can look at after watching the video if you want to). You will begin by recapping some of the things you learnt about rivers last week. Then you will be learning about some of the key rivers of the world by carrying out internet research. This task is explained on page 5 of the PDF and you will need to record your work in your home learning book. Finally you will be asked to consider the longest and the biggest rivers in the world and whether these are the same. I hope you find this as interesting as I do!

Topic – Rivers of the World

Well done for your learning today. Remember to share your work with me. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Mrs Fitz x