Good morning Oak Class! Happy Friday!

Remember that today we are going to meet at 9am to have a social catch up and discuss the learning for today. Don’t be late! Looking forward to seeing you all!

I wanted to share the Google Meet schedule for next week so you’ve got it in advance and can put the times on your calendar. I’m sorry they aren’t consistent times everyday – we are trying to avoid clashes with other classes and siblings. Here it is:

Monday – 10am with Mrs Poole

Tuesday – 10am with Mrs Poole

Wednesday – 9am with Mrs Poole

Thursday – 9.30am with Mrs Fitz

– 10am Emoji spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.15am Sunshine spellings with Mrs DK

– 10.30am Fishy spellings with Mrs DK

Friday – 9.30am with Mrs Fitz

At some point today, try to access and fit in Joe Wicks – it’s an excellent workout and a great PE alternative!


Today, we will be concluding the Oak Academy unit on coordinates and shape; you should be on lesson 9 today:

Click on the link and begin at lesson 9: LI – to illustrate and name parts of a circle.

However, as we didn’t start this unit until last Tuesday, there is actually an extra lesson that we won’t have time for. If any of you want some additional maths work, then you can do lesson 10 too. He’s the LI for lesson 10:

LI – to solve practical problems involving circles.



LI – to write a story opening.

Today you are going to write the opening to a story featuring your robot.

You will need to include a description of your robot using ideas you have gathered this week. Your story could be about your robot’s quest to satisfy their wish – whether it be for a heart, brains, new hands, or to become human.

To help you plan, consider:

Where is your story going to be set?

Will your robot have another character to help them along the way, just as Dorothy helped the Tin Man?

What obstacles might they meet along the way?

Remember to read through your writing to check it makes sense and to check for spelling and punctuation, use a dictionary and thesaurus and to send me your completed writing. Good luck!


Stilling Time: The 5 Finger Prayer


LI – to know what a Seder plate is, what the foods eaten at this meal represent and how do they link with the Exodus.

Today, we are going to be learning about the Seder meal (a special meal that Jewish people have at Passover each year), the Seder Plate and the foods on it. We will be learning what each of the foods represents from the Passover story?

Write your LI in your home learning book and make notes about the Seder Meal as you watch the following video (you can pause the video to give you time):

Think about the following Key Question as you watch:

How do the items on a Seder Plate link with the events of the Exodus?

Now complete the following task. Click on the PDF link which will show you the items from the Seder Plate and what they mean/represent to the Jewish people. Complete the sheet by writing in the meanings for each item (re-watch the video if you need to). If you are unable to print the sheet out, draw a Seder Plate into your home learning book and write the meaning for each item around it.

Seder plate.docx

Extension question:

For a final challenge, have a go at answering the following question in your home learning book:

How is Pesach a time of looking forward and back?

Don’t forget to share your work with me.


Well done for all your hard work this week. Make sure you have a lovely rest and lots of fun with your families this weekend. See you next week! Mrs FitzGerald x