Good morning Oak Class!

Things are going to be a little bit different today. As a staff, we all agree that you have worked exceptionally hard over this half term so we wanted to do things a bit differently today as a way of saying well done and thank you! We will have a live lesson at 9am and I will explain it all to you.

Here’s the link to you Challenge Grid where you will choose your activities from:

Oak Class Challenge Grid


Friday Fun Challenges Additional Information:

  1. Lego Challenge:

If your house is anything like mine, you’ll have thousands of bits of Lego not in their sets anymore. Your Lego Challenge is to build some amazing Lego creations using your random pieces. The website below has instructions for some amazing things. I’m really sorry about the name of the website – it’s certainly not just for boys. However, the ideas are great. You can choose from things like: Lego Marble Run; Lego Spinning Tops; Rubber Band powered Lego Car; Lego Catapult and Lego Lock and Key Safe. Remember to send me a picture of your creations!


  1. Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK):

I bet there’s someone at home working really hard today, either doing their normal job, looking after you and anyone else who’s there with you, getting household jobs done or maybe all of those things! For your RAOK, take some time to make them a nice drink, a snack or maybe even some lunch (be really careful with hot water and/or sharp kitchen tools and ask for help if you need it). I’m sure they will be really appreciative!


  1. Snuggle up with a Book:

Take some time to relax with some reading material. Get comfy and snuggly and start by watching/listening to me reading today’s chapter of The Explorer (below). Once, you’ve finished that, spend some time reading your own book. If you’ve not got one on the go, try and start one and challenge yourself to read some each day over the half term break. Remember to record your daily reading in your planner.


  1. Baking:

Check what ingredients you’ve got at home and have a go at baking something that you and your family can enjoy over the weekend. Here’s my favourite Millie’s Cookies recipe that I make a lot.

You could try these or choose anything else that takes your fancy and that you’ve got the right ingredients for. Here’s another link to a really simple fairy cake recipe:

Good luck and remember to share your baking creations with me!


  1. Let’s Get Physical:

Make some time today for some physical exercise – we all know how important it is for our bodies and minds. I know you all enjoy different things so here are some ideas for you to choose from (alternatively, choose an idea of your own):


  1. Chill out with a film:

Take some time to relax and watch your favourite film or maybe something new that you’ve been wanting to watch. We all need some down time! Enjoy! Let me know any good film recommendations.


  1. Geocaching:

Join the world’s largest treasure hunt! Access the website below to find out more about Geocaching. It’s a really fun activity to do when you’re out walking. You can download the free app which will show you plenty of caches in your local area that you can search for. If you and your family really enjoy it, then you might choose to pay for the annual subscription but there’s plenty to be getting on with that are totally free. Remember to keep safe by going Geocaching with someone else and take your hand gel with you so you can sanitise after handling the caches. Let me know how you get on!


  1. RAOK:

It’s almost Valentine’s Day so for your second RAOK, enjoy getting crafty and making a Valentine’s card. This does not have to be for a romantic reason. Think about someone in your local area who is perhaps feeling isolated or lonely at the moment. Once your card is finished you could post it through their door as a really lovely surprise that will brighten up their day!


  1. Get Arty:

Spend some time doing something arty today. I’ve shared a few ideas below. The first one is to make a salt dough creation – the video is one that I filmed for Willow Class during last year’s lockdown but it gives you the general idea of what you can make with salt dough. There’s also a link to the salt dough instructions.

Salt dough:

Salt Dough Recipe and Instructions



Decoupage or découpage is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto it. Commonly, an object like a small box or an item of furniture is covered by cutouts from magazines or from other types of paper such as napkins but you can decoupage onto almost any surface (make sure you ask permission before you decoupage onto anything from home) For todays, project, perhaps you could decoupage onto a shoe box.

Here’s a link to a really clear decoupage tutorial:

Don’t worry if you’ve not got the right sort of glue at home. Here’s another link to show you how to make a simple, home-made glue using four and water:

I love to decoupage. These are some of my more recent creations:


Draw with Rob:

Alternatively, do a ‘Draw with Rob’. Go to this website –

and choose one of the videos to follow along with. Harry and I had a go at doing the Dragon at the weekend and we really enjoyed it! This is what we came up with:

Remember to share your creations with me!


I really hope you’ve enjoyed the Fun Friday Challenge today – you deserve a treat. Have a wonderful half term break and make time to rest and relax with your families. We will see you online with our usual Home Learning Blog on Monday 22nd February. Bye for now! Mrs Fitz 🙂