What an amazing job you all did!

Well done Oak Class, I can’t believe that you all managed to choose, research and talk about so many different celebrities and historical figures.  From Sir David Attenborough to Marcus Rashford, Pope John Paul II to Emily Pankhurst.  Each one of you spoke and presented clearly, with confidence.  It was evident that you had all done a great amount of research and understood the significant events that took place throughout the life of your chosen person.  It was lovely to hear you all share your findings and speak with so much enthusiasm and willingness.  Every person you spoke about seemed to have inspirational qualities that you all aspire to have too.  Stay determined, focused and strong and keep aspiring to be the best you can be…just like the people we spoke about today.

A very big well done, Mrs FitzGerald and Mrs Poole will be so proud of you all.  I certainly am!

Love Mrs O’Donnell xx