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Good morning Oak Class! Welcome to our final week of the half term! I cannot believe that we are at the end of the half term already!

Don’t forget we are having a live maths lesson this morning at 9:00am – set your alarm!

Here is the latest instalment of Explorer:

Reading – Keep going with your reading! If you need a book from school to read then please let me or Mrs Fitz know then we can organise for you to collect a book. Remember that reading a newspaper or magazine counts to your daily total of reading time.


This week in maths we are looking at multiplication. To begin with we are going to complete calculations and word problems that involve short multiplication then on Wednesday we will move on to long multiplication.

If you can’t make the live lesson here is a power point presentation of what we would have covered:

LI – To use short multiplication

Monday 8th Feb Maths Lesson Presentation

Then complete the work below:

Mild – Complete Section A of TYM p11 Monday 8th Feb Maths work

Spicy – Complete Section B of TYM p11 Monday 8th Feb Maths work

Hot – Complete  Section C of TYM p11 Monday 8th Feb Maths work

Here are the answers: Monday 8th Feb Maths Answers


In English this week we are focusing on grammar as we have been doing a lot of reading and writing over the last few weeks. We will be completing a range of different exercises to help us in our understanding.

LI – To explore relative clauses

In today’s lesson we are looking at clauses, watch the video below and choose lesson 3 to explore relative clauses:

Then complete the worksheet here: Monday 8th Feb English Relative Clauses


For science today please watch the video below, you will be conducting an investigation into exercise and the impact it has on your body. There is quite a lot to do today so I suggest finishing the lesson tomorrow (just a little reminder that we are expected to do 2 hours of science a week) There is a sheet for your parents to read if they wish to.

LI – To plan, conduct and analyse an investigation into exercise

Science Video Clip

Here are the sheets you need to complete the work. You can copy the sheets if you don’t have a printer.

Activity Sheet Appropriate Exercise – Black and White

Activity Sheet Compare Pulse Rates

Activity Sheet Exercise Investigation

Activity Sheet Exercise Investigation Report

Adult Guidance Exercise Investigation

Stilling time/PSHE

For today’s stilling time you can print off one of the colouring mindful sheets, they have great quotes that could be stuck up on your fridge or in your room.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me either on or as I will be checking both accounts.

Enjoy your learning!


Mrs Poole