Good Morning Everyone!

I don’t like my picture being taken and even less a video!! So I thought that this week I would include a picture of something special to me –

This my cat Amber she is 5 1/2 years old. She’s a real house cat and doesn’t like to go outside unless it is very warm and not windy! We rescued Amber, shortly after we moved up here, when she was a kitten only eight weeks old. Then she was so tiny she could fit in my hand now she’s over weight because she doesn’t go out and exercise so she is on a diet!!

This is the last week before we finish for the holidays!

If we had been at school we would have had our final SATs practice this week. Luckily you get out of that pleasure!


For maths today I would like you to work through the Arithmetic calculations.

LI – To answer a wide range of arithmetic questions

Mild – do questions 1-15,

Spicy – do questions 1-25,

Hot – do questions 1-32.

There doesn’t seem to be a Problem of the Day as it appears that Friday was the last one!

Arithmetic Questions Monday Abacus 2 P101.



On Purple Mash you need to listen to the poem by Samuel Coleridge called The Ancient Mariner it is listed in your 2Dos then work through the Word Detective sheet below. You don’t need to print it out, you can copy the bits you need to into your home learning book.

LI – To listen to a classic poem and to identify the meaning of some old vocabulary




Read through the power point presentation on transporting nutrients and water around the body. Then look at the diagram of the body, if you can, print off the diagram to fill in the boxes. If you can’t print off the file, try explaining the different parts of the body and how nutrients are absorbed in your home learning book.

LI – To understand how nutrients and water are transported around the body

Lesson Presentation Transporting Water and Nutrients

Activity Sheet Digestive System Functions – Black and White

Stilling Time

In The Present we would be starting a new two week topic called Choosing. We make choices all day every day, some choices are big ones like what to buy mum for her birthday others are smaller ones such as what to have for my morning snack. Choices are made in the Prefrontal Cortex of the brain. This is located at the front of your brain (where your forehead is).

Switching senses – for this task you will need one object that you can pick up eg. pine cone, leaf, stone, dry fruit. Explore your object using just one sense eg. touch (so have your eyes closed) After a few moments switch to another sense eg. smell. You choose the sense to explore and switch between.

I hope you have a lovely day and email me or message if you want to.


Mrs Poole