Happy Monday everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend and feel ready to learn this week.

Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To retrieve facts from a text

Please log onto Oak Academy Year 4 English.  Then scroll down to Persuasive writing. Click on lesson 1 then start lesson.


I know that you will enjoy this rap and look forward to writing your own this week.  Watch the video as there are lots of helpful hints for you to complete the tasks successfully.



Please use this game from mathsframe for a warm up.



L.I. To identify and use pounds and pence

Lesson 1 – Pounds and pence

There is a video to help you on the White Rose Home Learning, maths, year 4.




Now as it is Monday you must check out Mr Garvey’s blog today.  Make sure you are enjoying the outdoors too and raising your heartbeat.


Picture News

I have included this plan for you all which you will all have heard about.  It is in response to the Zoo’s not being allowed open.  I know they are now to a degree but still think you’d like these activities.

There are a few to do so I would suggest you spend approximately three days on these.

Learning from Home Ideas – Picture News

Here are the resources for you.  

Picture News Prompt 1 – 22nd June

Picture News Prompt 2 – 22nd June

Wild Animal Fact File

Wild Animal Silhouettes


Enjoy your Monday everyone

Love Mrs G.???