Hi everybody,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you were able to enjoy lots of fresh air and sunshine.

How did you get on with the ‘Friday Challenge’??  Send me your pictures.

So here we have today’s activities.  I have doubled up as I want you to see what works for you. Please remember that you should work at your own pace and do what you can.

P.E. Don’t forget to check out Mr Garvey’s blog for your PE challenge!

English –  Please continue with ‘The King of Fishes’.

Y4-Unit talk for writing The King of Fishes

Although this is a long booklet it covers a variety of key learning skills for English following some of the national curriculum requirements for Year 4.

Also available is the BBC daily lessons which cover a host of topics. Have a look at the English for year 4 as these often come with a video and have a worksheet to complete if you prefer.


As well as English there is a whole host of other subjects covered every day here. Make sure you have a browse.  I would recommend using this for some of your ‘Stilling’ time.  They call it ‘Mindfulness’ activities.  Remember there is GoNoodle for lots of stilling activities.

Maths – L.I. Recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths.

I have attached the work.  It has several pages of activities and they become progressively more difficult.  Don’t let this put you off.  You don’t have to do them all by any means.  I suggest starting at the top and working through whatever you can do.

There are lots of different ones as these are what you would have available in class for this lesson.  We have covered decimals before we started lockdown so hopefully you can remember or an adult could show you.  If you get stuck there is a video below to help you.

27 Apr Decimals

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtX8mhHtqrc

Topic – L.I. To locate UK landmarks

Please take a look at these photos. You may recognise some, you may even been to some.  Your task is to find out where abouts in the United Kingdom they all are.    Do some research  and find out what you can.  Make sure you locate on a map where the landmark is not just copy the information from the internet.  Look at it in relation to where we live.    Then I want you to tell me which is your favourite and why?  Which one you would like to visit and why?  Have fun.

UK landmarks

Have a great day,

Love Mrs G. x