Happy Monday everyone!

Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To use inference

Please click on the link to access BBC Bitesize. Today’s lesson is all about how to use inference. There is

  • one video to explain what inference is

  • one video telling the story of Tiddalik the Frog

  • three activities to choose from. You may do one, two or all three it is up to you.





This is the last one of this unit.

L.I. To compare area

Please watch the following video.


Then as before;

MILD – the first page of the worksheet

If you finish this but don’t want to do the second page you can have a go at either of the challenges if you wish.

HOT/Flaming HOT – both pages of the worksheet.

Y4 Spring Block 2 WO4 Comparing area

Challenge 1: Challenge 1 25th Jan

Challenge 2: Challenge 2 25th Jan


Mathletics –

If you’ve not done it already then log onto your mathletics account and make sure you have completed the activity set last week.  You have until 3pm tomorrow. 


Change 4 Life

During this week I would like you to decide on 5 ways to be healthier this year.  What do you want to change?  You can send me your suggestions by email.

Make a start today. You may need to try to change a couple of things first then add more each week.  I am going to try and drink more water and eat more fruit. What positive changes are you going to make?

Joke – Which vegetable is always in a hurry?

Answer joke 25121


P.E. –

As it is Monday Joe Wicks is available and also Mr Garvey’s blog. Make sure you get some exercise in today and raise your heart rate.



L.I. To locate mountains on a map.

Please take a look at the powerpoint attached and then have a go at one of the activities.

There is also a link to a BBC Bitesize video on Mountains.

Lesson Presentation Mountain Ranges



Flaming HOT




I will add the answers later for you! 


That’s all for today.

Love Mrs G.   ????