Hello Willow Class.

It is lovely to be back and interacting with you all.  I have read the blogs Mrs FitzGerald has done for you.  It looks like you’ve been working really hard, well done.

I have been informed that there have been some changes and that you are now required to submit at least one English and one Maths per week. You may submit work on any day it doesn’t need to be at the end of the week.

These are the ways you can submit your work.

1. email a photo or attachment to me at a.graham@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk

2. attach a photo to the blog posts, these must be no more than 1mgb due to storage space. Also they will be approved by a teacher before appearing in the comments.


Here are today’s activities.


L.I. To use detail when writing about an adventure.

I see that you have done quite a bit with the Lancashire English.  Therefore we are going to do something different for this week.

Please access the video on Literacy Shed


I would like you to describe one of the adventures in detail.  Start with the line, “I was travelling in the ‘Radio-Flyer; when… ”

This piece should contain at least two paragraphs. You may need to watch through the film a couple of times and you could take notes to help you. Good Luck.


Lancashire Big Sing! – 11am

Subscribe to Lancashire Music Service’s channel where you’ll receive everything you need to join in.


Monday 22nd June            Song 6



This week we are going to continue with the Oak Academy that you started last week.

L.I. To compare and classify 2D shapes

As last week click on the link and scroll down to the shape and symmetry section then click on lesson 6. Follow the lesson recording your work in your workbook.




L.I. To explain when and where the Vikings came from and why they raided Britain.

Read the information – Lesson Presentation Viking Raiders and Invaders on the PowerPoint  up to slide 7.

Then read on until slide 23.

You can then look at the cards from the Activity Sheet Viking Timeline and see if you can put them in the correct order.

Then read the final part of the PowerPoint.

I would like you to create a poster containing this information about the Vikings: who they were, where they came from and when they
arrived in Britain. You could use the   Activity Sheet Vikings Poster  to help you.


P.E. Please take a look at Mr Garvey’s blog for today.

Have a great day everybody.

See you tomorrow!