Welcome back Oak Class! I hope that you had a nice break and managed to do some relaxing and chilling over the holidays!

We are having a live maths input and science input session this morning at 9:00am – set your alarm!

Here is the latest instalment of Explorer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62iPCQDLw3I&feature=youtu.be


Reading – Keep going with your reading! If you need a book from school to read then please let me or Mrs Fitz know then we can organise for you to collect a book. Remember that reading a newspaper or magazine counts to your daily total of reading time.


This week in maths we are looking at addition and subtraction.

If you can’t make the live lesson here is a video of what we have covered:


Then complete the work below:

Addition and Subtraction mental written Monday

Complete the addition and subtraction sheet deciding on the method needed to solve the calculation.

Here are the answers: Addition and Subtraction Monday Answers

Challenge activity: 83 Make 200


Focus Theme: Space

In English for the next two weeks we are going to explore what is in our Solar System, the famous ‘Space Race’ and the thrilling, true survival space story – Apollo 13!


When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


LI – to write a rap, song or poem.


Task 1: Find out about the Solar System by reading these two sources – making notes as you read about each planet:

Planetarium Junior Edition by Raman Prinja: Planetarium_Junior_Edition_Extract


National Geographic Kids – The Solar System: The-Solar-System-Primary-Resource



Task 2: Now enjoy this rap on YouTube about the Solar System, ‘Outer Space:

“We are the Planets,” The Solar System Song by StoryBots – Netflix Jr’ here:

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=ZHAqT4 hXnMw


Task 3: Based on what you have read and watched, create your own rap, song or poem about the Solar System.


You may create your rap, song or poem in different ways, such as:

·        Use the rap you listened to on YouTube as a starting point and edit some of the lyrics/ add to the existing

lyrics to create your own version.

·        Choose one part of the Solar System to create your rap/song or poem about e.g. your favourite planet.

·        Choose your favourite type of poem such as a limerick, haiku or acrostic and use this to write about the

Solar System.


Make sure you keep practising your rap, song or poem by reading it aloud and editing as you write.


Once you have finished, have a go at performing it to someone in your house. If possible, you could also

record it to send it in!


If you are feeling really creative, why not make a music video to support your performance too!






We are starting a new topic: Evolution and Inheritance. We will be having a lesson introduction on Monday morning.


Stilling time/PSHE

For today’s stilling time. I would like you to concentrate on your breathing. You will need a tissue or feather or something really light:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor but make sure your back is supported.
  • Breath in deeply a few times, on the third breath I would like you to close your eyes and feel the chair beneath you. While breathing think about the contact of your feet on the floor, your legs on the chair, your bottom on the chair, your back against the chair, your shoulders.
  • Slowly open your eyes and hold the tissue or feather in front of your mouth. Breath in through your nose and then breath out through your mouth and watch the tissue moving in front of you.
  • Do this for a couple of minutes – does the tissue always move in the same way? Does it move differently? Can you make it move slower? Can you make it move faster?



If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me either on r.poole@ellel-st-johns.lancs.sch.uk or rpoole@ellelstjohns.school as I will be checking both accounts.

Enjoy your learning!


Mrs Poole