Welcome back Willow Class.

I hope you have had a lovely Easter time.  We have been so lucky with the weather.  I don’t know about  you but we have done lots of jobs, so my garden is looking in better shape now and I’ve eaten far too much chocolate!! ?

Well I can’t believe it is now week 1 of the Summer term! ?

As today is Monday I would just like to remind you of your times tables test tomorrow.  Also we will have spellings on Friday as usual. Please check these on spelling shed and on the blog from Friday 3rd April.

Exercise – Make sure you check out the blog of PE with Mr Garvey today. He has put somethings together for you to do at home.

English – Talk 4 writing activity.

I have decided to include a package for your English which you can do at your own rate over the next 8 days.  This will mean that you can choose how much or little you do each day for it.  I will give you suggestions as to which pages to do each day.  When this time has lapsed I will post further English for you.

Today I suggest you work on all pages from 2 to 6.

Y4-Unit talk for writing The King of Fishes

Maths:  L.I. To count through zero

Please have a go at this quiz then move onto the activity.  There is a video for you to watch to recap negative numbers if you wish.




I have included challenge activity cards for you to try too if you wish.


Topic – UK Geography

Take this quiz and see what you already know about the United Kingdom.


I would like you to choose either of the sheets in the link to label cities of the UK.  Please also take a look at the extension sheet which asks you to say which counties the cities are in, eg Lancaster is in Lancashire.

There is a powerpoint which is too large to upload butI have included the link.  You may need to sign up to the website to access it I think. (I’m sure they are offering free sign up during this time). If you can’t access it don’t worry.  You can use a map of the UK you may have or online maps to help you.  I suggest you try first to see which ones you do know.  Good luck. ?


Activity – t2-g-294-locating-english-cities-on-a-map-differentiated-activity-sheet_ver_4

Have a great day!

Love Mrs G. x