Good afternoon,

I hope that your morning’s work went well?

Mrs Thomas would like you to watch the following the link

Mr Garvey has also uploaded some PE activities for you. He will be uploading new activities every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so please check the Blog for Mr Garvey’s work.

Here are the answers to today’s work:


Read the prologue

  • Your own choices for favourite sentences/phrases examples could include:

‘They jostled for position and traded strange and wonderful theories about where the shop had come from’ or ‘The brickwork is black as midnight and it sparkles strangely in the light.’ ‘Blocking the doorway was a golden gate so fine and intricate that some wondrous spider might have spun it.’

Evidence to support the Emporium is magic is:

  • The shop arrived with the dawn – so hadn’t been there the day before.
  • The brickwork is black as midnight and it sparkles strangely in the light. This makes people think that it is magical as often sparkles accompany magic in films and books.
  • When the door opened the golden gate shattered into tiny pieces that turned into dust. This doesn’t normally happen when gates are opened so is magical.
  • The dove set off fireworks that spelt out in the sky The Nowhere Emporium Is Open For Business. This is unusual and not how shops advertise they are ready to open.
  • Two days later the shop vanished – shops don’t normally appear and disappear that quickly which suggests that it is magical.
  • Nobody could remember anything about the Emporium – how much they paid to get in and what they saw. All very strange with magical qualities.
  • If possible please can you take a picture of your poster and send it to me?
  • Your answers will depend upon what you wrote but an example might be: I’m really intrigued as to what happened to the people and why they forgot what they saw so I would like to read the book to find out what happened.


Clue 1 – 1.75m or 175cm so you should have crossed off Arthur Almond, Brenda Buttercream, Donuta Doublechoc, Elsie Eatery, Elias Eccles, Fiona Fudge, Iris Icing, Jasmine Jelly, Katie Kremery, Kevin Kiwi, Leanne Lime, Mike Mocha, Millie Muffin, Nuala Nutmeg, Olivia Ombre, Otis Orange, Paula Pavlova and Patrick Praline from your list of suspects.

Clue 2 – The letters make the word brown so you should have crossed off Danny Drizzle, Freddie Fondue, Gordon Ganache, Heidi Hazelnut, Ian Icecream, Joe Jammy and Leonard Lemony.

Clue 3 –  The culprit rides a bike so you should have crossed off Anneke Anise, Brian Bonbon and Clive Confection.


I’m not expecting to see any finished posters today.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Mrs Poole