Hello and welcome to your final week of online learning, YAY!!!

Today is also the first of the month.  who remembered to say White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits?

Don’t forget Google meet today at 11am for Topic

Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To recognise diary entry features

On Friday you wrote about your half term for ‘Write Stuff’ in the style of a diary entry.  We are going to look at these features in more detail.

recognising diary entry features MILD

recognising diary entry features HOT

recognising diary entry features Flaming HOT

Now choose one of these diary entires and see if you can use what you did above to find the features here. Have you checked against the checklist?


Diary sample A

Diary sample B

Diary sample C



L.I. To add and subtract fractions

Today you are going to go through both Lesson 15 & Lesson 16.


I know this may seem a lot but by now you should be confident in having a go. As you have already done both addition and subtraction it shouldn’t take too long to go through these by now.

If you want to have a practise with what you have learnt then here are some worksheets to try.



year-4-add-sub-fractions-same-denominator-Flam HOT



Class Novel

Sit back, relax and enjoy the next chapter.



*** Google meet today at 11.00am for Topic ***

Today you are going to be learning about time zones around the world.

Please read through the powerpoint and then select the sheet you would normally do in class.  I think you will find this interesting and it may make for some good conversations at home too.

#Lesson Presentation All the Time in the World

You will need the poster to help you with the worksheets.

Time Around the World Poster

What’s the time MILD

What’s the time HOT

What’s the time Flaming HOT

What’s the time-Answers

Which countries have you visited with a different time zone to the UK?


That’s all for today, good effort everyone!

Love Mrs G. 🧡🕐🕒🕜🕜🕣🌍🌼🥰