Hi willow Class, I hope you have all had a great half term.  What fantastic weather! ?

Well here we are back to it.

Activities for today:

I know I don’t need to tell you about doing some exercise. Check out Mr Garvey’s blog too.

English: There, their and they’re?

If this link doesn’t work please search through google, BBC daily lessons, then for English for the date mentioned.


Please access the BBC daily English lesson for May 14th.

Maths: Money!

Please access the White Rose Maths for your activity.

I have decided to include the answers at this point too.  However I trust that you will have a go yourselves or see if you can find a way to work it out before relying on the answers.  If you are struggling to get started then please look at the answers for question 1 and try to see how it has been done.

Before you start try the True or False question.


Y4 Summer Block 2 WO1 Pounds and pence 2020

Y4 Summer Block 2  Answers

Geography: Mountains

Please access the BBC daily lessons for 19th May


Have a great day

Love Mrs G. ???