Hello and welcome to the new week.  Let’s make it a fantastic week full of learning and fun.

First of all I would like to say a big;


to anyone with a birthday this month!


It is my birthday today and I wish I was in school sharing it with you all.  Sadly this isn’t possible at the moment  ? However I am giving you permission to eat cake today!  So go and enjoy, I know I am going to! ???  So fellow January birthday people, please enjoy your special day and make sure you make the most of it as best you can. ?


English:  L.I. To develop new vocabulary for writing.

Please take a look here on the BBC Bitesize daily lessons.

There are a couple of videos to watch and then 3 activities to choose from. Enjoy✍



Maths: L.I. To divide 3 digits by 1 digit.

Please watch the following video.  Tomorrow is our last day on this unit.


Here is the worksheet which accompanies the video.


Here are some alternative sheets which can choose if you wish.

TYM pg 50 MILD

TYM pg 50 HOT

TYM pg 50 Flaming HOT


Challenge 1 Varied Fluency 18th Jan

Challenge 2 Reasoning 18th Jan


Topic:  L.I. To produce a fact file on a local river

Please take a look at the following posters about rivers around the world which you labelled last week.  This week I would like you to read these and think about the information.  Then I would like you to select a local river:  Lune, Ribble, Condor, Wyre. Sound familiar?? And make a fact file about the one you have chosen.  There must be factual information on it for example how long it is and where it starts and finishes. Plus anything else you think is interesting.

Remember a fact file is non-fiction.

Enjoy.  I look forward to seeing what you have found out.


P.E.  Today you can see what Mr Garvey has for you or join Joe Wicks for a high energy workout. You choose.

That’s all for today.  Have a great day.

Mrs G. ?⭐??