Hi everyone.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  Well can you  believe we are in the last week of year 4!!!!  It seems incredible to think that you will all be moving onto year 5 in September and I’m not going to have you all back in class.  It has definitely been a very strange year, one I’m sure we won’t forget. Make sure you enjoy this week even though you may be at home.


I am looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon for our Google classroom meet up.  Don’t forget – 1.10pm.

Here are today’s activities


L.I. To write about ‘Run Wild’

Please log onto the final day of ‘Run Wild’.

Monday 13th July  

I hope you enjoyed this unit.  It has covered lots of skills which will help you lots with your writing.  Well done.  Please send pictures to me of what you chose to do.



L.I. To compare tenths and hundredths

This week for our last week we are going to be looking at fractions!  Don’t worry you should be able to do these, this is for practise.

We will be using the BBC daily lessons.  These lessons are from May so you may have done one or two of them but don’t worry as it won’t harm to repeat and if you have done them before, do them and then check to see if you improved on last time.




Now today’s stilling is not very ‘still’!  Well it is Monday and we all need a shake-up!  Enjoy going bananas! ?




Please look at Mr Garvey’s blog today.



I would like you all to try and create a family tree. You will probably need to speak to your family and add them on in order.  I wonder how far back you can go.  You must add details of birth and when family members died and how they are related to you.  It is called a tree as it resembles a main trunk and branches.

Here is a link to a site that enables you to print off a free template.


I think you will find it interesting to see who your ancestors were. Maybe you could do some extended research and try to find out what they did and where they lived etc.

Good luck.

Have a great Monday


Mrs G. ????