Good morning Oak Class. I hope that you have had a good weekend. Remember we are meeting at 10am for our live lessons. Below is an outline of the work we are going to complete together.


LI – to understand the characteristics of Joey and Albert

Today we are going to start our new unit, if we’d been at school we would have continued with Great Expectation however this is a bit trickier to do on live lessons than our new unit. If you wish to continue reading Great Expectations then let me know and I can email you the book.

Our new unit is War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. Today we will read chapter 1 altogether on Google Classroom.

War Horse FINAL opening extract

Then we will discuss what we know so far about the character of Joey and Albert. Your independent work is to create a spider diagram showing the information that we know about the two main characters. Please can you bring this wok into school with you on Friday so that we can stick it into your English book.

                                                        Joey                                                                      Albert 



LI – to use short multiplication to calculate money

Today in maths we are looking at short multiplication involving money. If you are unsure about how to do short multiplication then watch the video clip here:  Then complete either the mild, spicy or hot page.

Mild Work Monday

Spicy work Monday

Hot work Monday

Monday 12th Oct Maths Answers


I would like you to look at the following website. Please click on each section of the eye and work through the stages of explanation.   also please look at BBC website on light and how we see, please work through the activities, video and quiz:

Don’t forget your Great Expectations homework is for Friday.

I’ll see you tomorrow,


Mrs Poole